Terms and Conditions

• Like all vintage and antique stores, all sales are final - we do not offer refunds on purchased items. If for some reason an item doesn't fit and hasn't been used or worn, we will offer exchanges for store credit. If an error was made on our part regarding the condition/description of an item, we will of course make every effort to make it right either through return/exchange.

• We are not affiliated with TCU. We currently only resell licensed TCU items or items that are so old that they were created or sold before licensing existed. We do NOT create original items using TCU's intellectual property or trademarks. We may combine previously licensed items (a vintage patch and a vintage hat) to make a "Reworked" vintage item, but we are not creating such items in an unauthorized fashion from scratch.

• Any fully original/custom items are created using only our own trademarked logo, the "Flying F." This logo is produced and used on retail goods only sold here at Fans Vintage. The Flying F logo is used and sold on retail items with the permission of the Flying T trademark owner. Any use of either the Flying T or the Flying F logos without permission is strictly prohibited. 

• We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. 

• We do our best to conduct extensive research on each item to date and value according to available information and resources. Because we are human (and don't work for the Smithsonian or the TCU archives) we may make some mistakes. Any mistakes in dating/valuing an item are purely unintentional as we pride ourselves and our business on accurately (and enthusiastically!) sharing the history of TCU and the vintage gear associated with it.