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Vintage and Custom TCU Ties

Vintage and Custom TCU Ties

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Incredible array of vintage and modern ties made ONLY for TCU Coaches and employees! Ranging from the 1980s to now, each tie has amazing details and logos! All ties are either in brand new unworn or gently used condition. The older ties may demonstrate more signs of age (see photos). 

It's very special to include ties that have the TCU School Seal circular logo, that is now only designated for Chancellor or Graduation use and can't be printed on items for retail sale!

1. M.L. Leddy's Custom Silver and Purple Stripe Vintage Tie - 100% silk! Premier Fort Worth Brand. 2 Available!

2. Silver textured tie with thin purple stripe and arched TCU Logos - amazing texture and detail! - 90s Vintage Tie by Rivetz of Boston

3. Cream and Purple Stripe tie with amazing TCU School Seal Horizontal Pattern - back states "Special Edition TCU" - Early 90s vintage Tie -minor faint discoloration on bottom right corner - 100% silk

4. Gorgeous textured checkerboard purple silk tie with arched TCU logos and awesome contrasting striped tail to peek out as an interesting style component! Special edition. 

5. Incredible 1980s Vintage TCU Tie with groovy serif "TCU" logo AND circular school seal logo! Fun pattern effect for top portion of tie! Only imperfection is a blemish on the BACK of the tie! Specialty tag states "Woven Exclusively for Texas Christian University". By Prince Consort Brand. Slightly narrower appearance for a very stylish look!

6. Silver/Purple thicker striped tie with embroidered TCU logo. College Classics Brand

7. Beautiful school seal logo pattern burgundy purple tie with silvery embroidery. Late 1980s or early 1990s Vintage. 2 Available!

8. Modern Bright Purple with silver/offwhite stripes, modern athletic Horned Frog logo pattern alternating with current arched TCU logo. "Designed Exclusively for TCU Athletics" on back. 

9. Modern Bright Purple with thinner silver/offwhite stripes, single arched TCU logo at the bottom of the tie for clean, professional look! Awesome tiny spellout pattern of "Texas Christian University" Repeating in silver between the stripes. "Designed Exclusively for TCU Athletics" on the back.

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